Green Mamba Garden

    is a combination of Bar, Restaurant, Lounge
    and Beergarden in Kololi The Gambia.

    Relaxing Atmosphere

    With a sophisticated African style and theme, the restaurant is set amongst bushy gardens and large trees with seating uniquely placed under picturesque grass roof pavilions, providing an ultimate and unforgettable dining experience.

    First of its kind in The Gambia

    Travelling frequently to Asia in the 90s, the owner became fascinated with the Mongolian Grill concept – simply exciting, delicious and adjustable for every individual taste and diet. In October 2006 he finally fulfilled his dream to present this type of restaurant for the firsttime in The Gambia. You do not only find a stylish African touch in the design, but also in the food ingredients, resulting in an impressive African-Asian blend.

    Fascinating History

    The history of Mongolian Grills obviously goes back to the time of Genghis Khan in the 13th century. On his search for dynasty the great conqueror swept through the plains with his troops, accompanied by their herds to supply them with food and clothing. At night the hungry warriors would gather around their tents and set a fire. Not bothering much about kitchen wares, they were cutting slim slices of meat with their swords and cooked a fast meal on their turned over shields in the hot ashes. The Chinese modified the concept and would roast meat on a hot stone, accompanied by an assortment of vegetables and sauces.

    Oriental Wok Buffet in the Green Mamba Garden today

    f you come to the Green Mamba Garden Lounge today, do not be worried: You can come as hungry as a warrior but you can leave your sword and shield behind. The fire is set in our local style stove and an incredible variety of fresh food and exquisite sauces is prepared for you. After reenergizing with a soup as a starter, you are welcomed to select your favourite ingredients at the buffet and our chef will artistically cook it within moments right in front of you. Unlike the 13th century, vegetarians, vegans and dieters will enjoy this concept: purely you decide, what will be in your own dish. Have fun with the experiment – and let yourself be served like Genghis Khan!

    The Oriental Wok Buffet

    To join the exciting experience at the Oriental Wok Buffet you find a number tag at your place and our friendly waiters will provide a short introduction to the concept as follows: “You may take a tray with a bowl and create your own dish from a selection of meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. At the end of the buffet you select one or more of the delicious sauces to flavour your dish as you wish. Each sauce is labelled with a recommendation for the combination and an advice for the minimum amount. Our buffet staff are more than delighted to assist you. Place your number tag on your tray and place it altogether at the table next to the chef. Tell the chef, if you are vegetarian or have any food allergies and he will use a special wok for you. Now you can watch the chef prepare your dish in a mouth watering way within a few minutes – or just stroll back to your table and enjoy your aperitif until the waiter serves your own created meal with a mound of seasoned rice. It is an all you can eat concept, therefore you can return to the buffet as often as you want! For the included desert you have the choice of delicious fresh tropical fruits of the season, such as mango, papaw, melon and bananas. We can offer a broad variety of splendid aperitifs or cocktails, classy wines and coffee or tea creations to accompany your dinner as you desire.”

    Food Philosophy

    We are supporting regional suppliers and prefer fresh products, so that the assortment at our buffet will reflect the season and the “catches of the day”. To offer a brought choice of high quality products all year around, we might have to supplement partly with imported products. However, we always vary the selection, so our costumers detect something new, every time they return and shall never get bored at the Green Mamba Garden Lounge.

    The Secret are our Sauces

    Yes, we believe: “The secret is the sauce!” Therefore we are constantly inventing new flavours and offer different delights in frequent turns. We give certain recommendations for the undecided, but feel free to make your own creation, even adding two or more sauces. Tempting you at present will be a choice of at least four from the following:

    Mam Effie’s Special Seasoning

    Hot! Hot! Hot! For seafood lovers: Spicy Ginger-Lime marinade with lots of onions, garlic and kani (local chili).

    Aunty Numbe’s Tradition

    Traditional Domoda-like (traditional Gambian dish) Groundnut (Peanut)-Sauce, recommended for dark meat – for the Africa Explorer.

    Mighty Kahn’s All In

    Spicy mustard marinade on oyster sauce, good on everything….but strong!!!

    Sweet Sesame Street

    Fruits go nuts on this sweet sesame street…if you like cocktails, you will love this one!

    Pina Collada Massala

    Coconut- Pineapple-Ginger Cream with Tanduri seasoning – a cross Asian blend

    Lola’s Curry

    Mild Curry-Banana Cream – for the sensitive taste