Green Mamba Garden

    is a combination of Bar, Restaurant, Lounge
    and Beergarden in Kololi The Gambia.

    We are dedicated to provide tourists and locals with a wide variety of food and drinks
    at the highest possible quality. Being the first in The Gambia to offer an all-you-can-eat mongolian-wok-buffet, we also offer you the biggest choice of fresh vegetables and meats in the whole Gambia. African roots are our heritage, therefore sustainability and environmental responsibility a core values of our entrepreneurship.

    The Restaurant

    With a sophisticated African style
    and theme, the restaurant is set amongst bushy gardens and large
    trees with seating uniquely placed under picturesque grass roof
    pavilions, providing an ultimate
    and unforgettable dining experience.

      Really the most beautiful place to have dinner:-) The garden is very romantic and the food was high quality
      Went to this restaurant twice while on holiday. Excellent meal both times. It is a BBQ but you choose the ingredients and they cook it for you.

    The Bar

    Feel welcome for a chat at the round bar with a fresh cold drink. If you prefer quiet time with your friends, feel free to hide away with a bucket of beers or even a bottle of noble wine on our marvellous hand carved “lazy chairs” and low tables.

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